Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet: Cwyr Copa!

Thankyou so much for clicking over here, I think it’s probably useful for me to let you know a little about me and my waxy Welsh business.

Talking of Wales, maybe I should start with a bit of a Welsh lesson...

Cwyr (Pronounced "Koo-ihr"): Wax

Copa (Pronounced "Koh-pa"): Peak

So now you know!

How it all began...

It all began when I ended up with a LOT more time on my hands than usual (hello furlough!). I decided to give this idea I’d been dreaming up in my head a go. It took me a good couple of months of trial and error to come up with the best possible ratio of ingredients. I started selling through my personal Facebook and sold out in the first night!

Since then, my wraps are stocked in various shops, websites, local markets and they've even gone overseas to Germany and Norway!

Better for the planet

Doing my bit for the planet has always been important to me, and I’m really passionate about ensuring this business is as sustainable as possible.

- All ingredients are from sustainable sources

- All packaging recycled and/or recyclable

- All offcuts are recycled by sending on to other small local businesses, or turning them into eco firelighters.


I just wanted to finish this little post with a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported me on my journey to creating Cwyr Copa what it is today! I am eternally grateful for all your support.

Chrissie x